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Enabling Rural Access to Safe Electricity

IEEE SA Volunteer Spotlight: Rajesh Kunnath

IEEE Standards for the Evolving Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Ecosystem

IEEE SA Offers a Foundational, Cross-Industry Standards and Resources Collection on DER

How To Manage Distributed Energy Resources More Effectively

IEEE 2030.11™ Provides Guiding Principles for DER Management Systems and Microgrid Services

How Can We Use ICT Standards For Sustainable Development?

The Global ICT Community Discusses Environmental, Economical, and Social Sustainability at WSIS Forum 2021

IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

Technology has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. From the internet to the smart grid, and health care to transportation, technology standards are used in a variety of…

What are Standards? Why are They Important?

Your smartphone’s alarm just went off. A new day begins. In the shower, you rock out with your Bluetooth speaker playing. Then you check and log your blood pressure and…

IEEE SA Leads a Dynamic Program of Activity in Eastern Africa

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) held several events in Eastern Africa as follow-on on past meetings and engagements, and to continue to build awareness and connections with the local…

World Standards Day 2018 – Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ten years ago, no one held a miniature portable computer in their hands. But today, much of the world uses mobile phones as their primary means of access to the…

IEEE Standards Fulfill the 2017 World Standards Day Theme: “Standards Make Cities Smarter”

Making things “smart” seems to be happening everywhere today. More and more people are using smart tools in their homes, cars and other aspects of their everyday lives. New applications…

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