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Promoting Standardization in Smart Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

IEEE SA Volunteer Spotlight: Sha Wei


This standard defines the integrated framework of the test software for household appliances oriented to the data from intelligent sensors, including system framework, interfaces of REST(Representational State Transfer), and data…

5 Ways Technology Standards Can Help You In Your Career

Jeffry Handal, an IEEE volunteer, credits his knowledge of standards with helping him land his job at Cisco Systems Inc. During the technical screening part of the application process, he was…

Common Purpose, Different Paths: Stories of IEEE Standards Developers

From Wi-Fi to electric vehicles (EVs), and medical devices to smart grid, IEEE has nearly 1,200 active standards and 1,000 standards under development. Behind IEEE’s leadership in standards development and…

Data Privacy and Ease-of-Use in Wireless Networks

How Two New IEEE 802.11 Standardization Projects Aim to Strike the Balance

IEEE Standards Used in Your Everyday Life

Technology has become an integral aspect of our everyday lives. From the internet to the smart grid, and health care to transportation, technology standards are used in a variety of…

IEEE 1588-2019 Enhances Network Connectivity with Precision Time Protocol

Rodney Cummings, IEEE 1588 Working Group Vice-chair Doug Arnold, IEEE 1588 Working Group Chair

IEEE 802.11bf Aims to Enable a New Application of WLAN Technology: WLAN Sensing

Tony Xiao Han, Chair of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)Assaf Kasher, Vice-Chair of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)Claudio da Silva, Technical Editor of IEEE 802.11bf (WLAN Sensing)

IEEE 802.1 YANG Data Model Standards Enhance Next-Generation Network Management

Glenn Parsons, IEEE 802.1 Working Group ChairMarc Holness, Editor: IEEE 802.1Qcp, 802.1Qcx, 802.1X (YANG)Mick Seaman, Editor: IEEE 802.1X

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