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New IEEE 802.3™ Standards Provide Platforms for the Next Ethernet Innovations

Steve Carlson, IEEE 802.3ch Task Force ChairCurtis Knittle, IEEE 802.3ca Task Force ChairGlen Kramer, IEEE 1904 Working Group Chair

More Users, Faster Access, More Services: The Ongoing Ethernet Bandwidth Explosion

John D’Ambrosia, chair of IEEE 802.3™ Industry Connections New Ethernet Applications Ad Hoc.

New IEEE 802.3 Standard Amendments Serve Growing Ethernet Deployments

John D’Ambrosia, IEEE 802.3cn™ Task Force ChairGeorge Zimmerman, IEEE 802.3cg™ Task Force Chair

IEEE 802.3™ – Pushing Ethernet Standards Further and Faster

With the launch of three new study groups, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group continues to drive the ongoing adoption of Ethernet across a broad range of industries and is…

IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet Working Group Adds Task Forces and a New Study Group

Ethernet continues on a steady path of growth and advancement, enabling higher speeds and opening the door to new and enhanced applications. The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group has announced…

Laying the Foundation for the Lossless Data Center

Written by Roger Marks, Chair, IEEE 802 “Network Enhancements for the Next Decade” Industry Connections Activity Modern data centers are tasked with delivering intelligent multi‐media responses to real‐time human interactions.…

Challenges and Solutions for Data Logging from Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles come with a large number of sensors, multiple LIDARs, RADARs, and high-resolution cameras. It features an array of technologies such as CAN FD, Automotive Ethernet, 10GBASE-T (IEEE 802.3an™),…

10BASE-T1S: The next big step toward the All-Ethernet-Vehicle

10BASE-T1S, also called 10SPE (10 Mbps Single Pair Ethernet), is a new network technology currently under specification of IEEE 802.3cg™. The objective of the technology is to get a collision…

We Are Testing the Future Right Now

Ethernet technologies provide flexible, scalable and cost-effective in-vehicle network. As such, automotive industries are looking to Automotive Ethernet as the next generation communication bus and it has become increasingly important…

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