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IEEE P802.3dg Aims to Advance Ethernet for Industrial and Operational Technology Applications

Supplying Higher-Speed, Long-Reach 100 Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet and Power for New, Harsher Environments

Setting the Standard for Future Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Solutions

IEEE SA Hosted a Panel at ATA2022 on RPM Innovations for Better Healthcare

Promoting Standardization in Smart Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

IEEE SA Volunteer Spotlight: Sha Wei

Protecting Online Data Privacy and Enabling Trust in Connected Technologies

IEEE SA Celebrates Data Privacy Day with a Variety of Standards, Projects, and Activities

IEEE SA Places Focus to Fuel the Future of Mobility

New IEEE Standards in Automotive and Aerospace to Bridge Innovations for Better Connectivity and Safety

IEEE P802.3df™ Defines Architecture Holistically to Achieve 800 Gb/s and 1.6 Tb/s Ethernet

Ethernet networking technology has come a long way since 1985 when the seminal Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3™ was published, providing for packet-based data transfer at 10 Mb/s. Since then Ethernet…

Consumer Communications Workstream

An incubation space for new standards and solutions, certifications and codes of conduct, and consensus building for ethical implementation of intelligent technologies

5 Ways Technology Standards Can Help You In Your Career

Jeffry Handal, an IEEE volunteer, credits his knowledge of standards with helping him land his job at Cisco Systems Inc. During the technical screening part of the application process, he was…

New Standard Allows Operators to Better Manage Ethernet Networks

IEEE 1904.2 Standard Aims to Reduce Costs and Improve Management of Connected Devices

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