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This guide provides maintenance testing and failure analysis guidance for form-wound, squirrel cage, induction machinery rated up to 15 kV. The guide addresses the following machine systems: -- Stator (winding and wore) -- Rotor (winding and core) -- Vibration and noise -- Bearings and shafts -- Structure, frame -- Ventilation -- Accessories


This recommended practice describes the technical implementation of cybersecurity for xAPI and includes information an implementer would find useful related to matters of best practice in privacy and security, and related matters in conformance and testing. This recommended practice is directly related to P9274.1.1.


This guide defines composition, function, performance and testing requirements and test methods for a static synchronous series compensator with the grid voltage level of 220kV and above. References to documents describing corresponding work for compensators with grid voltage level of 110kV and below are also provided.


This guide describes the on-site handling of non-SF6 gases and their gas mixtures used in electric power equipment. This includes gas mixing, filling, analysis, recovery, reclamation, and recycling.


This guide defines test methodologies and technologies for mechanical acoustic imaging. Acoustic fault recognition mechanisms using acoustic imaging technology are described, enabling, for high voltage reactors, the identification and diagnosis of abnormal radiated noise in a reactor structure caused by mechanical structural abnormalities such as loose structural parts, metal foreign bodies and loose leads. Additional use cases and test considerations are described, to support fault acoustic signal testing of power transformers, switchers and gas insulated substation (GIS).


Create a collection of standard profiles that define integration of authentication services with ISO 8583 used for financial transactions (e.g., point-of-sale (POS), automated teller machine (ATM) cash withdrawal transactions, etc.). Such services include biometric authentication (as defined by IEEE Std. 2410), PIN-based, Fast Identity Online (FIDO), and One-Time Password (OTP) and Time-based OTP (TOTP) authentication methods including risk and presentation attack defense (PAD) measures. The scope of authentication includes primary authentication, second-factor authentication (2FA), step-up authentication (SUA), and multi-factor authentication (MFA).


This guide encompasses the application of surge protective devices (SPDs) (secondary arresters) from the secondary terminals of the distribution transformer to the line side of the service equipment.


This Guide considers the ramifications of deploying multiservice surge protective devices (MSPDs) as specified in C62.50: Standard for Performance Criteria and Test Methods for Plug-in (Portable) Multiservice (Multiport) Surge-Protective Devices for Equipment Connected to a 120/240 V Single Phase Power Service and metallic conductive communication line(s). Topics covered are: * MSPD protected and unprotected side port overvoltage conditions * Ground/earth potential rise effects * Stress levels of items connected to the MSPD unprotected side ports * Use of multiple MSPDs * Simulations of premises surge conditions.

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