Tag: Monitoring

IEEE P2801

The recommended practice promotes quality management activities for datasets used for artificial intelligence medical device(AIMD). The document highlights quality objective for dataset responsible organizations. The document describes control of records during the life cycle of datasets, including but not limited to data collection, annotation, transfer, utilization, storage, maintenance, update, retirement and other activities. The document emphasizes special consideration for the dataset quality management system, including but not limited to responsibility management, resource management, dataset realization and quality control.


This standard develops a set of common functionality for the family of IEEE 1451 smart transducer interface standards. This functionality is independent of the physical communications media. It includes the common transducer services required to control and manage smart transducers and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) formats. It defines a set of implementation-independent application programming interfaces (API). This project does not specify signal conditioning and conversion, physical media, or how the TEDS data are used in applications.

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