Tag: Overhead


This standard covers certain electrical, dimensional, and mechanical characteristics and safety features of single- and three-phase, 60 Hz, liquid-immersed, self-cooled, overhead-type distribution transformers 500 kVA and smaller, high voltages 34 500 V and below, and low voltages 7970/13 800Y V and below.


This guide recommends the applications, selection principles, technical requirements and test requirements for dry-type and liquid immersed neutral-grounding devices used with HVDC converter transformers. This guide applies to converter transformers with a star connected winding on the grid side and a delta connected winding on the valve side.


This standard provides a common framework for distributed ledger technology (DLT) usage, implementation, and interaction in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). The framework addresses scalability, security and privacy challenges with regard to DLT in CAVs. DLT tokens, smart contracts, transactions, assets, networks, permissioned CAVs DLT, and permission-less CAVs DLT are included in the framework.

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