Tag: Power-electronics

IEEE 1826-2020

Open system interfaces for high power electronics equipment used in zonal electrical distribution systems rated above 100 kW are identified in this standard. The required power, monitoring, information exchange, control, and protection interfaces are based on technological maturity, accepted practices, and allowances for future technology insertions. Also, rigorous assessment mechanisms, interface control management, and proactive conformance testing that shall be used to verify and validate open systems to enable plug-and-play operability independently of the components' origin are defined. Airports, hospitals, major data processing centers (especially those using uninterruptible power supply), broadcast systems, and maritime vessels and platforms are applications covered…

IEEE 21451-001-2017

Signal processing algorithms and data structure are defined in this recommended practice in order to share and to infer signal and state information of an instrumentation or control system. These algorithms are based on the signal and transducers attached to the system. This recommended practice also defines a set of transducer signal treatment services based on signal treatment algorithms as application programming interface (API), which is used for applications to use or call these transducer signal treatment services.

IEEE 1573-2021

This recommended practice provides a technical basis for implementation of electronic power subsystems. It is intended for electronic systems engineers and integrators, electronic power subsystem designers and integrators, as well as power element manufacturers and suppliers. It addresses system- level issues in element or subsystem integration, adaptation, and accommodation. It also defines system interface parameters, test methods, and test conditions. This recommended practice applies to ac–dc, dc-ac and dc–dc electronic power subsystems. The range of electronic power subsystems includes those with dc, single-phase, and three-phase inputs, having power levels from a fraction of a watt up to 20 kW. The…

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