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This standard specifies an architecture for an interoperable and secure public WLAN network infrastructure to provide seamless connectivity for users of IEEE 802.11 networks. The network infrastructure shall consist of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) of different makes or models and from different vendors, backhaul connectivity provided by different service providers, authentication and policy infrastructures, and services (such as voice, data, and video) offered by different application service providers through subscription plans. The network infrastructure elements shall interwork with each other in a secure manner, and the infrastructure shall support discovery and inclusion of compliant WAPs to provide a…


This recommended practice describes the fundamentals of reliability analysis as it applies to the planning and design of industrial and commercial electric power distribution systems. It can also be an aid to all engineers responsible for the electrical design of industrial and commercial power systems.


This standard provides the definitions and terminologies, reference model and data structure of Complex Virtual Instruments (CVIs) for Internet of Things (IoT). CVIs framework, including architectural model, protocols and data interface requirements is also defined to allow for flexible and scalable solutions to CVIs Interoperability and easy-to-implement cloud services that are able to be maintained in a sustainable manner.


This standard defines the framework of building household appliance test software system based on complex virtual instruments (CVIs) which are used for processing and displaying the sensor data from intelligent sensors and the related metadata. This framework provides the guidelines for CVI-based development process, in which CVI structure design covers management of sensor data and metadata, virtual instrument engine based on description of appliance test environment and test information, data formats of test data and Representational State Transfer (REST) service interfaces for CVI interactions; CVI mapping schemes describe the correspondence from test units to CVIs; CVI relations define the relationships…


This guide has been developed to address electric substation fire risk. The substation fire risk strategies in this document are based on industry standards and good practices. Lessons learned are incorporated from substation fires, research and testing, advancements in fire protection and environmental concerns.

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