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This recommended practice focuses on the factors that should be considered for planning, operation and maintenance of the distribution network. It provides approaches and good practices relevant to planning, operation and maintenance considerations such as risk factors and event identification, classification of risk types, equipment and network risk evaluation, risk grade classification, risk early-warning, risk prevention control, risk dynamic tracking and risk simulation. This recommended practice not only applies to the operation risk evaluation but also to guide the planning and construction and maintenance of traditional distribution power system, micro-grid system and smart distribution network with the access of large…


This guide covers the design and selection of protective devices and the coordination between them for various modes of operation of the microgrid. These include grid-connected and islanded modes and transitions between modes.


This guide applies to the dielectric loss frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) measurement of transformer bushings.


This standard defines communication methods and data formats for transducers (sensors and actuators) communicating with Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags and systems, including the use of a Jabber ID with integral transducers. It also defines new Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) formats based on the IEEE 1451 series of standards and protocols for accessing TEDS and transducer data. It also defines a command structure and specifies communication methods to work in the Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

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