Tag: Radar


This guide involves on-line monitoring of the ice on overhead lines (OHL), weather forecast, terrain identification, and icing prediction. It can serve the high-precision demands of forecasting line icing in specific micro-topographic areas during the design, operation, and maintenance of OHLs. This guide can also provide references for other industries like the communications industry.


This standard defines the syntax and semantics of a format used to express power intent in energy aware electronic system design. Power intent includes the concepts and information required for specification and validation, implementation and verification, and modelling and analysis of power managed electronic systems. This standard also defines the relationship between the power intent captured in this format and design intent captured via other formats (e.g., standard hardware description languages and cell libraries).


This guide for Centralized Protection and Control (CPC) systems addresses the realization of various protection, automation and control functions within a CPC system utilizing data collected from intelligent electronic devices. This guide includes all protection, automation and control functions in a substation including interconnecting circuits using devices and their interconnections with suitable communication protocols. This guide includes references to existing standards applicable to protection, automation and control applications for various types of circuit elements such as generators, transformers, bus bars, shunt and series capacitor banks, reactors, transmission lines and distribution lines. The guide addresses CPC system architectures for typical substation…


This guide provides acceptance and maintenance criteria for insulating liquids used in transformers, tap changers, regulators and reactors.

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