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IEEE/ANSI C37.06-2000

This standard is a revision of ANSI C37.06-1997. It reflects small editorial changes needed to coordinate with the final wording contained in the defining standards ANSI/IEEE C37.04-1999 and ANSI/IEEE C37.09-1999. Some ratings have also been updated. Because this revision is primarily editorial in nature, this Foreword describes the substantive and editorial changes between this revision and the 1987 version. The format of the tables remains very much the same, except that some ratings, which had been given in the notes (sometimes on a different page from the table of preferred ratings), have been listed explicitly in the tables.


This recommended practice defines the concepts, techniques, benchmark models, validation procedures, uncertainties and limitations of computational electromagnetics techniques and tools used for modeling and simulation of antennas in free space. It recommends and provides guidance on the numerical modeling of antennas and benchmark results to verify the general approach for the numerical simulations of such antennas. It defines acceptable numerical modeling requirements and guidance on meshing.


This standard defines profiles of IEEE Std 802.1Q and IEEE Std 802.1CB that provide Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) quality of service features for non-fronthaul shared service provider networks. The standard also provides use cases, and informative guidance for network operators on how to configure their networks for those use cases.

IEEE Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS)

CMX and Taggant System: Enabling more effective and efficient response to malware threats

ICSG Malware Working Group

Sharing best practices and procedures in the fight against malware

ICSG Malware Metadata Exchange Format Working Group

Driving advances in malware information sharing

IEEE Encrypted Traffic Inspection (ETI)

Enabling the development of an accepted way of traffic inspection

Privacy, Ethics & Trust in Connected Healthcare

Data and Device Identity, Validation, and Interoperability in Connected Healthcare


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