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This standard defines the requirements for Participants in a Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) System that comprises a network of point-of-care (PoC) medical devices and medical IT systems to exchange alert data in a manner that improves safe, secure and effective contribution to the functionality of a distributed system.


This standard defines patient-specific guide block design and 3D modeling technology standards for high-precision 3D printing to increase patient satisfaction with orthopedic implant surgeons.


This standard specifies embeddable and encapsulating markup syntaxes for design intellectual property encryption and rights management, together with recommendations for integration with design specification formats described in IEEE 1800 (SystemVerilog) and IEEE 1076 (VHDL). It also recommends use models for interoperable tool and hardware flows, which will include selecting encryption and encoding algorithms and encryption key management. The recommendation includes a description of the trust model assumed in the recommended use models. This standard does not specifically include any consideration of digitally encoded entertainment media. In the context of this document, the term IP will be used to mean electronic…

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