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IEEE C37.96-1976


This standard specifies the methods and restrictions for accessing personal data in a framework that involves various systems, devices, applications, services, and participants to improve the efficiency, transparency, and privacy of pandemic/epidemic surveillance by using blockchain technology and integrating a wide range of data sources.


This standard defines functional requirements for software defined linear digital signal processing (DSP) to improve the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in communication channels. Also, it defines software defined protocol used by two or more communicating devices, that negotiates and coordinates the use of the aforementioned functional requirements for linear DSP improvement of SNR in communication channels.


This document is a guide for the design, installation, and protection of insulated wire and cable systems in substations with the objective of minimizing cable failures and their consequences. Cable systems with voltages greater than 35kV are not covered in this guide.

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