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This standard identifies the requirements for using shared analytics over secured and unsecured networks. It establishes a consistent method of using an overarching interoperability framework to utilize one or more disparate data systems for analytic purposes without an analytic user having explicit access to or sharing the data within these systems.

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An incubation space for new standards and solutions, certifications and codes of conduct, and consensus building for ethical implementation of intelligent technologies

Types & Nature Of Projects

Learn about the Standards Development Lifecycle, how to participate in standards development, search for working groups and standards in development and much more!

Living Standards Award

The Living Standards Award shines the spotlight on organizations and companies that show how standards are used to help shape economic success, drive innovations forward, and make ideas exportable

About the Industry Connections Committee (ICCom)

Industry Connections Committee (ICCom) This committee shall examine Industry Connections Activity Initiation Documents (ICAIDs) (DOC) and make recommendations to the IEEE SA Industry Engagement and Sector Strategies Strategic Management and […]

Ethical Assurance of Data-Driven Technologies for Mental Healthcare

Developing an interoperable data infrastructure through extensible governance and metadata lifecycle framework

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Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day


Listing of upcoming events from IEEE Standards Association and industry.

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