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The scope of this standard involves the metadata content for all airborne and spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. This specifies the metadata content only, not the encoding of the metadata. In particular, this standard provides the means for describing the instrument, the acquisition, and operating mode(s) and parameters, as well as the processing algorithms that have been applied to the data, as well as any parameters related to those processing algorithms. It also specifies the data storage format.


This project establishes a standard for wireless communication methods and data format for transducers (sensors and actuators). The standard defines a TEDS based on the IEEE 1451 concept and protocols to access TEDS and transducer data. It adopts necessary wireless interfaces and protocols to facilitate the use of technically differentiated, existing wireless technology solutions. It does not specify transducer design, signal conditioning, wireless system physical design or use, or use of TEDS.

Strategic Management and Delivery Committee (SMDC)

SMDC December 2021

New and revised projects put forth for approval by the Strategic Management and Delivery Committees.

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