Tag: Twisted-pair


This guide provides maintenance testing and failure analysis guidance for form-wound, squirrel cage, induction machinery rated up to 15 kV. The guide addresses the following machine systems: -- Stator (winding and wore) -- Rotor (winding and core) -- Vibration and noise -- Bearings and shafts -- Structure, frame -- Ventilation -- Accessories


This Guide considers the ramifications of deploying multiservice surge protective devices (MSPDs) as specified in C62.50: Standard for Performance Criteria and Test Methods for Plug-in (Portable) Multiservice (Multiport) Surge-Protective Devices for Equipment Connected to a 120/240 V Single Phase Power Service and metallic conductive communication line(s). Topics covered are: * MSPD protected and unprotected side port overvoltage conditions * Ground/earth potential rise effects * Stress levels of items connected to the MSPD unprotected side ports * Use of multiple MSPDs * Simulations of premises surge conditions.

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