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IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification--Version 2 (Now Available!)

This test suite specification (TSS) provides organizations that are testing phasor measurement unit (PMU) performance with a suite of unambiguous test plans in accordance with the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Interoperability Process Reference Manual (IPRM).

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards (Active & Archive) Collection: VuSpec™

Contains 52 active and 67 archive IEEE Standards, Guides, Recommended Practices, Interpretations and Errata for Electromagnetic Compatibility.

IEEE Electric Machinery Standards Collection: VuSpec™

This collection contains 30 Active and 18 Archive IEEE standards, Guides and Recommended practices used worldwide pertinent to the generation of electric energy and its conversion into other forms of electric or mechanical energy.

IEEE Switchgear Standards Collection: VuSpec™

his collection contains 69 Active Standards, Guides, Recommended Practices and Corrigendum. It represents best practices and techniques covering design, construction and operation of devices or assembled gear to establish (make), interrupt, or change connections in any electric circuit under normal or abnormal condition.

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IEEE Standards Dictionary - Free access!

IEEE Standards Dictionary (a database of terms as defined in IEEE standards) is available to anyone simply by logging onto IEEE Xplore. This tool is beneficial to anyone interested in learning more about standards, participating in standards development, or looking to implement standards.

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Guides and Handbooks

Publications making it easier to understand, navigate through, and implement IEEE standards.

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Tutorials and e-Courses

Tutorials and self-study e-Courses, directly relevant to standards, providing a unique learning experience.

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VuSpec™ and other CD-ROMs

Standards Collections on CD-ROM featuring a full-text search and indexed keywords.

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PDF Bundles

Standards Collections in PDF format.

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Test Suite Specifications (TSS)

Test suites to assess a product’s conformance to an IEEE standard.

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Access IEEE standards and publications anytime, anywhere, on most handheld mobile devices.

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Smart Grid Research

Comprehensive portfolios of smart grid-related intelligence, including vision documents and research papers, that address problems and challenges in both the long- and short-term.

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